Amazing Facts About Moving Service

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Moving Service – Some Interesting Facts

Today, we will not provide you with any moving tips or information about different service prices. Instead, we will focus on some fun facts about moving, which very few people know, plus some statistics about our company in particular. We hope that you will spend the next five minutes enjoying it!


  • Average Americans move about 8.2 times in their life, although moving is considered to be the 3rd most stressful life-changing event.

  • The most popular day for moving with We Move & Storage LLC is Friday, while the least popular one is Sunday.

  • The most popular month to move out in 2014 was August, while the previous year it was late July.

  • The least popular month for a move in 2014 was February.An illustration of the working ethics of our moving service company

  • The most popular cities people move to are: Austin, Houston, Chicago, LA, and New York.

  • The most popular cities people move out of are: Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

  • The top five reasons for individuals and families to move are:

– the need for a new better home – 15%

– cheaper housing – 12%

– the need to establish a home – 9%

– a better job offer – 9%

– the need to own a property, not rent one – 5%

  • The most popular state for a move turned out to be Florida.

  • 80% of the people who have used our moving service were willing to give our movers a helping hand.

  • House hunters are voting for Oakland and San Jose as the destination most suitable for people with families.

  • Women are calling moving companies 5 times more often than men.

  • Only 36% of our customers have trusted us with their packing, although we are fully licensed and bonded. This proves that people still prefer to save on packing services and only invest in the moving itself.

  • A moving service fee depends on the volume of the load, number of movers, and the distance between point A and point B.

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